This form must be turned in to Jennifer Garcia, Associate Director of Campus Life, at least 10 days prior to a proposed event.

If requesting allocations from SGU, this form and the allocation form must be turned into SGU 21 days prior to a proposed event.

Please allow 1 week for processing.

This form must be completed, approved at all levels, and a confirmation will be send to the organizations mailbox in Greek Life to determine if the is approved or not. The organization MUST receive this before the event/activity is held or announced by means of advertising, final reservations, or final arrangements.

Approval of this form is for permission for the event only. Scheduling of the facility, request for food or special services are required in addition to the completed activity request form and are the responsibility of the organization.

Name of Organization: Phone:
Name of Requestor: Phone:
Requestor's Email:  
Name of Advisor: Phone:
Advisor's Email  
Event Name: Event Date:
Start Time End Time
Location Estimated Attendance:
Is the event open to the public?
Are the non SLU Students invited to this event by initiation or is it an open function:
What is the purpose of the event?(Describe your event in detail)
What advertising strategies will your organization be using for this event?
  Which facet of the accreditation process is this event fulfilling? (check one)