Solicitation (Fundraising) Guidelines for Student Organizations


The purpose of the solicitation policy is to ensure that the Saint Leo University community:

  • lives by the core values of Respect and Responsible Stewardship in regard to solicitation activity;
  • conducts solicitations for all contributions in consistent, excellent manner;
  • properly recognizes all contributors;
  • properly administers private dollars and gifts in kind;
  • does not over-solicit current and prospective contributors (internal and external); and,
  • adheres to all standards and regulations in regard to philanthropic and marketing support.

In accordance with the Solicitation Policy, all recognized student organizations must adhere to the following guidelines in achieving fundraising goals:

  1. Recognized student organizations may sponsor fundraising projects only with the advance approval of the Assistant Director of Campus Life for Student Involvement.
  2. Fundraising projects are limited to recognized student organizations.
  3. Approval may be granted upon review of submitted Student Organizations’ Fundraising Proposal Form. Fundraising efforts or marketing are not to begin until approval has been granted.
  4. All fundraising proposal forms must be submitted to the Assistant Director of Campus Life for Student Involvement, located in the Student Activities Building, at least two weeks prior to the event to be considered.
  5. Door-to-door solicitation is not permitted anywhere on campus. This includes offices, residence halls, and classrooms.
  6. Any requests for off-campus solicitation must be approved by the Office of Campus Life and will also need to be approved by the Division of University Advancement. Be sure to submit your forms early as these approvals may take longer.
  7. All fundraising efforts, sales, and marketing approaches must be passive in nature. Recognized student organizations are not allowed to directly solicit or in anyway pressure individuals to contribute to their fundraising effort.
  8. Any single gift or donation/sponsorship totaling more than $25.00 must be brought to the University Advancement.
  9. Please report any solicitors in violation of the Solicitation (Fundraising) Guidelines to the Assistant Director of Campus Life for Student Involvement immediately.

Solicitations include but are not limited to the following activities that seek contributions of funding or specific items through:

  • personal visits, telephone, mail and e-mail communication
  • sponsorships, underwriting, memberships
  • events (including dinners, golf tournaments, etc.)
  • raffles and sales (including car washes, tee shirts, etc.)

Deposit and receipt of revenue

The University’s policy is to process all gifts within 48 hours of receipt. Proceeds of activities are to be deposited and acknowledged as follows:

  1. Philanthropic Contributions
    All private gifts (including gifts-in-kind and marketing support) are typically processed through the Division of University Advancement. Proceeds of event tickets that include a philanthropic gift as a portion of the admission cost are processed through University Advancement if the total amount collected is $75 or more.
  2. Raffles, Sales, Events (with no philanthropic contribution)
    Proceeds from raffles, sales, and revenues from events that do not include a gift as part of ticket price are not philanthropic contributions as defined by the IRS and are to be processed through Trane Stop. If any single donation from these activities is greater than $25.00, the Assistant Director of Campus Life should be notified.

For additional information, please contact:

Stan Kaszuba
Assistant Director for Student Involvement
Student Activities Building

I have read this document and I agree to the guidelines.